For God’s Glory Alone we go forth into all of the world……….

Dear Family of Jesus,

Thank you so much for stopping by the CUP on this Friday! We love you all!

Please keep us in your prayers, Saturday our son Greg and Natasha are getting married in a private ceremony, they have come down from Denver. I will be doing the ceremony The kids hope to have a bigger celebration when they have the money to do it! They then leave for California for training in a new business franchise they have purchased in the Colorado and Northern New Mexico area, it is tied in with the Restaurant business. We are thankful for your prayers!

Saturday a Memorial service is set for Ruby Wells at the Open Door Church of God in Los Lunas at 11am. Ruby was a Dear friend of mine and Sharon’s. I will never forget the day after Church on Sunday where I went with her to her home and we talked for hours! We cannot be there but I will be doing a recorded message that Pastor Jim Montoya is going to play back, for God’s Glory Alone!Thanks Pastor Jim for the opportunity to share how Ruby touched my life! AMEN! I will be also putting this recording up on the web site.

Saturday on Dewey and Friends on KAZQ CH 32 at 6pm Ben Lucero owner of Indigio Mortgage talks about bringing Christ into the work place. Ben also shares a heart touching testimony. Pastor Bill Ruhl who was also at the taping, was so touched by Ben’s testimony. The following Saturday Pastor Bill Ruhl who is Vice Chairman of FGGAM gives a Christian perspective of the upcoming election. We are very thankful for the Board Members and Advisers to FGGAM! Pastor Leonard Navarre along with Ernie Blenager are advisors to me. the Board also consists of Wanell Pate, Kay Hendrickson, Pastor Don Kimbro, Barbara Gould, and Kathy Garcia. Ben Lucero has been such a supporter of FGGAM, we are thankful for him and all of you who stand with us at FGGAM! For God’s Glory Alone! We love you all and it means so much to awake each morning and know you stand with us in what God has told us to do! Remember you can watch the TV program from anywhere in the world at ;

Acts 20:24…But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus–the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Matthew 19:16-17 (NASB) “And someone came to Him and said, “Teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may obtain eternal life?” And He said to him, “Why are you asking Me about what is good? There is only One who is good; but if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.”

Bold believers are compelled by the love of God to share the love of God. From the Wisdom Hunters

Tony Evans
Keep your eyes on Jesus. He can teach you to walk on water rather than drown in defeat.

One thing that the Lord has shown me since I started writing the CUP nearly 14 years ago is to help meet the needs of others, showing them the love of Jesus Christ. As God showed me For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, He said…..bring My light to them… person at a time. So that call remains on me. I told the folks in Efland, NC at the Revival I am not a hit and run Pastor. You are stuck with me. I can identify what Janice Arnold Jones said last night in the Congressional debate in her closing comments, “I am not flashy”….the same goes for me I am not flashy I am who I am in Jesus Christ. Janice is unique, as she will not promise anything that she feels uncertain about. That was clear in her debate last night with Michelle Grisham Lujan. We should not promise anything we cannot do. Most politicians promise the sky! I believe that is why so many people are discouraged with Politicians because they promise so much and under deliver so much. This happens in the Body of Christ, in the Church at times. It is not of me, but of my God. We lay all of our being on Jesus Christ and His promises. We look at everybody in the eyes and see Jesus Christ. I am not flashy…..but I am crazy for my Jesus! I always have said if I ran for office I would call it the Jesus Party,of course the media would crucify that name! Later on in this post we have a message from Karen Rowe, another strong women of God. Look around men, more and more Women are stepping up to the plate for God. Look at these candidates running for office, look at their individual lives and whether they have bared good fruits and vote for the ones that stand the closest with God and His Word.

This election I have endorsed two people, David Standridge for Family Court Judge, I have known David for nearly 15 years,I know the depth of his heart for God and God’s people and right before I left for the Revival in North Carolina I endorsed Janice Arnold Jones.

This appears on Janice Arnold Jones web site………We, the Church must be BOLD and stand behind our Brothers and Sisters as the run for office.

October 11, 2012


I have known Janice for years as a news reporter and Pastor. I have followed her from her days in the Legislature to where she is at now, running for Congress. Her transparency that she has modeled in the legislature is what we need in Washington. Janice understands and wraps her arms around the challenges we face as a state and nation and works to solve the difficult issues. She just does not talk about them, Janice is able to work with both sides of the aisle to bring legislation forward unlike the gridlock we have in Washington, DC, now. Janice knows the pain of our country. She is in touch with people. She will work hard to get our Country back on track. She has what we need in Congress: an understanding of the major issues facing us, the economy, small businesses, families, energy prices, health care. She has a great understanding of foreign affairs unlike her opponent. I pray that Janice is elected. Janice is a candidate that upholds Biblical Principles which we have been praying for. We must send her to Washington.
– Pastor Dewey Moede
Founder of Gods Glory Alone Ministries

Thank you so much for your prayers. It is so comforting to know that there are people we can turn to in time of need at any time day or night. Eden is doing well; the surgery to remove the line to her heart that was done last night went well. Today she weighed in at 5 lbs. 15 oz., her intestines are aligned and properly positioned. The final step is that she takes all her feeding by mouth for 48 hours. She is almost there!!!

This is a picture of Eden with her Daddy.



Oh my what a picture! Please keep praying for Baby Eden and family! PRAISE GOD!

Please also pray for Patti Rael today as she finds out about the water damage in her home.

Good report on Becky Franks last night from Pastor Ray…..please continue your prayers.

My testimony continues on the Revival in Orange County North Carolina. I had learned from Kyle Martin that at the close of every Revival he has led, God sends the rain. I shared with Karen and Rob Rowe that it was going to rain at the close of the Revival and that night it began to sprinkle and at daylight there was a down pour of God’s rain, not a shower, but a DOWN POUR over Orange County AMEN!!!!!! God sent the rain to bless the land, to cleanse it after the Revival.
As this week comes to a close we end it where it began in Efland, NC with Karen Rowe…….

The Day after the Revival: Misting Rain, to Pouring Rain, to a Rainbow; and then God formed a Cat  with a smiling face and a giant heart … Here is my story:

The morning after the Revival I went outside to thank God about 7:30 am. The Sky was glowing Red! Even the white clouds were glowing with a red hue; and the sky was magnificent in an uprising blue sky that somehow was glowing red at the same time!

I looked up to the Heavens and sang “THANK … YOU … LORD; …. THANK … YOU … LORD …” to our Father in Heaven for all God IS and all He has done and had done to carry us through this Hope in Today Revival!

Rain was misting on my face from this glorious and glory filled sky; Peace filled my soul full in a heavenly way; that no words can compare!

Later that same day, when I was taking Pastor Dewey back to the airport, it was pouring the rain with a peace that transcends all understanding as the sky was raining a heavenly rain blessing the land around us! God was blessing the land the day after the Revival which was held in God’s name in honor of His Son! The Holy Spirit was present for God’s glory alone!

Later that evening as I was unloading the truck …still the day after the Revival, the sky was still magnificent and the Spirit in me told me to look for a Rainbow to appear!

I looked up and a rainbow immediately began to appear from behind the many dark clouds!

Before I could speak, a full vibrant Rainbow filled with God’s grace seemed to celebrate God’s glory over our property from one end to the other; … and then I looked, and a double rainbow had formed!

As for me, I believe! A double Rainbow appeared from Heaven above and was Heaven sent, because God does these things!

After the rainbows faded, the sky began to change even more rapidly into the most amazing colors and depths of blue that I’ve ever seen! The depths of transcending blue and the brilliance of the white clouds glowing in a brilliance of light from up above! At the same time to another direction the fiery red sky appeared yet once again to the West!

Just then, we looked and a cloud formed a face of a cat hovering over our house! I know funny; I thought why would God make a cat face appear over my home? LOL But, yet, I believed; and I believe God has purpose in all that He does and I believe that God celebrated the day after the Revival with smiles! This cloud had 2 perfectly shaped cat ears, even up to a point; two eyes, a nose, whiskers and a smile!
Then we looked back to the sky and this cat had a giant heart form in perfect shape right in the middle of its chest!

I smiled; and found it funny that God formed a cat face over our house, until last night! I understood God’s blessing in that cat! For one, God has humor, but you see, Daniel had prayed for a cat and the next day he found 2 tiny kittens. Chris come up with the names “Faith and Hope” because he said, “When you first find faith, then you know you will find hope” and then they did…they found the 2nd kitten “HOPE”!

The 3rd kitten we never caught, but the kids saw it was white. We named it love, because you don’t have to see love to know that love exists and God is Love; White is a pure color and God’s love is Pure and Perfect!

God was showing me His love! And God was pleased with this Hope in Today Revival!

This is me telling my story, in spite of some who may think I am crazy, but I know God is with me, because of the peace He brings me that money can’t buy!

God showed me after the first night of the Revival that the Revival was a “success” … The Revelation come to me: “How do you spell Success?”
“The answer: “Proverbs 16:3Amplified Bible (AMP)
3 Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will
cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed.”

God bless and I hope this was a blessing to someone

Love in Christ,
Karen Rowe, founder of Hope in Today Ministries, Inc. “Ministries Supporting Ministries” with a goal of building a “Community of Strength” by reaching out & helping others right where they are with the love of Christ and the Gospel of Peace; teaching godly ways by the power of the Holy Spirit for God’s Glory Alone!
The Train Whistle, Sounding the Call of God’s Love to build faith and help others believe!
We love you Karen, Robb, Melissa and Daniel!
Just got this from a classmate of mine Sonja, we graduated from Windom High School together, in 1915!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol WELL IT SEEMS THAT LONG AGO IN 1974 IS THE YEAR!!! lol lol lol lol ………..this is so AWESOME PTL PTL PTL Thank you Sonja! We love you!

Good Morining Dewey! This is a wonderful devotional that talks about the classic movie Wizard of Oz and the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. I thought of you on the yellow brick road when I read it. Enjoy!

I was just back in Windom to see my folks. I love hearing the bells chime and the colorful fall leaves were beautiful! I went to visit Marilyn and Jack Kelly….what a treat! They are such awesome people. We were so blessed to grow up in that little town!

I like hearing about your new ministry on FB. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Your friend,

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Friday, October 19, 2012
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October l9, 20l2
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!
Gwen Smith
Today’s Truth
I love you, O Lord, my strength. – (Psalm 18:1, ESV)
Friend to Friend

I will never forget how the movie The Wizard of Oz lingered in my heart for days after I first saw it. I was just a child like the heroine Dorothy who won me over the instant she sang the dreamy lines of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I was deeply moved by the story of this young girl who had been caught up by a complicated dog matter and a whirling tornado that transported her to a strange land far, far away.
While watching the adventure play out on our humble television set, I joined the story in my imagination. I cheered for Dorothy as she came to the defense of her spirited puppy, Toto, when a mean, witchy woman wanted to have him killed. I sank deep into the couch cushions and trembled with fear when the black and white farmhouse was lifted in a storm then fell crashing down in an unfamiliar place of Technicolor.
Along the yellow brick road, I made friends when Dorothy made friends. Never again would I look at a scarecrow, a lion or a tin can the same way! I shared in her longing for a safe return home to her Auntie Em and their farm in Kansas. My heart-hopes soared with hers as Dorothy was told that there was a powerful man in the Emerald City who could help her: the Wizard of Oz!
As with any good story, there were scary struggles and frustrating setbacks. Flying monkeys captured her… a wicked witch tried to destroy her… but even still, determined Dorothy continued on the yellow brick road toward the Emerald City because her hope was there. Her hopes were placed in the powers possessed by the famed Wizard of Oz.
Sadly, after all the ups and down they went through, Dorothy and her friends found out that the wizard was, in fact, powerless. Powerless! What a stinkin’ disappointment!
Dorothy was crushed. Her buddies were crushed. I was crushed. How in the world could this happen? Hope had skipped along side of them the entire journey down the yellow brick road. How could anticipated strength possibly fade to weakness?
Alas, it did.
Hearts were heavy with ache.
All seemed lost as Dorothy and her companions confronted their disappointments. Then a surprising shimmer of hope broke through when it was revealed that Dorothy actually possessed the power that she needed to get home. She had the power all along. Her ruby red slippers were the key!
Let me just say – at this point – happy dances were thrown down both on the screen and in my living room.
Tears fell as goodbyes and hugs were shared. Then Dorothy grabbed Toto and made her way home by calling on the power that had been with her all along. Within seconds, they found themselves somewhere over the rainbow of a dream: home. Safe and sound.
To this day, that story still moves me.
I can relate to Dorothy on so many levels. She was a girl with a dream and a song in her heart. An average, ordinary girl who had to deal with complicated people and sort through difficult circumstances. A girl who knew what it was to place her hope in other people and be disappointed. A girl who finally came upon the strength she needed to find her way home.
Isn’t that all of us?
Aren’t we continually looking for the strength we need to bring our hopes into reality?
Moses was a man who faced complicated challenges and whirling storms of circumstances too. Born in a time when he, as a Hebrew baby, was supposed to have been killed, Moses was saved by God’s sovereign grace when Pharaoh’s daughter pulled him from the Nile and kept him as her own.
A Hebrew among Egyptians, Moses was raised in a land and culture that was far, far removed from his heritage and from the One true God of Israel. As far as black and white is from Technicolor.
You know this story! We saw it on the flannel graph boards in Sunday school as little girls. We watched Charlton Heston acted it out on the movie “The Ten Commandments.” Moses had it all in the palace – lost it all when he murdered an Egyptian soldier – then, eventually, risked it all for the holy God who called out to him and commissioned him from a flame. (Need a refresher course on the details? Go read the book of Exodus. It’s completely amazing.)
Moses set out to free his people in the power of God. Though the Pharaoh doubted God’s strength, the Lord displayed His might, plague after plague, until finally it looked like Pharaoh got the memo. He let God’s people go. Moses’s yellow brick road of rescue led him and the Israelites out of Egypt and into a dry and dreary desert. (Say that ten times fast!) As they ran away from Pharaoh’s army, the Israelites ran smack dab into a seemingly insurmountable obstacle: the Red Sea. Major problem.
Not one to be hindered by impossibility, the LORD took care of business in a huge and powerful way as He parted and held back the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites so they could escape destruction and experience deliverance. After His people crossed over safely, God made another strength statement by sweeping the Pharaoh and his army into the sea, killing every last one of them. (Exodus 13 and 14)
My goodness. What a story! What. A. God! Girl – if this doesn’t get you excited about the strength of God, I’m not quite sure what will!
“Israel saw the great power that the Lord used against the Egyptians, so the people feared the Lord, and they believed in the Lord and in his servant Moses.” (Exodus 14:31)
Then a big ole’ party went down as Moses and the Israelites sang to the LORD a song that’s commonly referred to as the Song of Moses.
The Lord is my strength and my song;
he has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father’s God, and I will exalt him.(Exodus 15:2)
In Exodus 15, Moses calls God his Strength and celebrates the power that brought salvation to his people. Oz is the Hebrew word for strength. How about that!? El Sali, is a Hebrew name for God of my Strength; God my Rock.
King David also calls God his Strength in Psalm 59:9, O my Strength, I will watch for you, for you, O God, are my fortress. Then again in verse 17, O my Strength, I sing praise to you; you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God.(Psalm 59:17)
You might be struggling with this… wondering where the strength of God is in your story. Maybe things are good for you right now, but you know of others who are in shady places along their yellow brick roads. Each of us is guaranteed life challenges, but God promises to be our strength when we call on Him. He is not a puffed up and powerless wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain, pulling strings. He is the God of OzEl Sali –the God of Strength who loves you and longs to move in and through your life.
Will you trust Him deeper today and allow His joy to be your strength?
Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, my Strength, El Sali, You are powerful and loving. Thank you for allowing me – this average, ordinary girl with complicated relationships and difficult circumstances – to have access to your perfect Strength when I am weak. Help me to trust you when all my heart sees are lions and tigers and bears.

In Jesus’s name, amen.
Now It’s Your Turn

Read the first half of Psalm 84:5. Blessed are those whose strength is in you.Who is this comment directed to? In what ways has this been true in your life?
Nehemiah 8:10 says, “…the joy of the Lord is your strength.” What do you think the joy of the Lord looks like? Have you seen it lately? If so, in whom?

For God’s Glory Alone, Dewey and Sharon

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About Dewey Moede

Dewey Moede is Manager of KKIM/KARS and Shine 97.7 New Mexico's new Christian Music Station. Dewey is also Associate Pastor of the Los Lunas Church of God. He has been in radio since 1977. He has worked as a Country DJ, Sports announcer, News Reporter/News Dir. Sales Manager, and as VP of Sales and Mkt at WFRN in South Bend, one of the most successful Christian stations in the Country. Dewey got his start in News at the old, as he is old!!!, Minnesota Gopher State Radio Network, working on weekends in 1977 as he attended Brown Institute(now known as Brown College). for TV/Radio. Dewey graduated with honors and 2 years ago was put into the Brown Wall of Fame. Dewey is also a Special Assistant to CEO Dr. Larry Bates of the IRN/USA Radio Network,, the Countries largest radio network. He also is a Special assistant to Ed Moore of WFRN Radio group in South Bend/Elkhart Indiana and to Ken Coe Owner of WLOI/WCOE in Laporte, In.Dewey believes Radio news has gone down hill, as has Christian Radio. The Lord gave Dewey the Charge of doing News from a Biblical stand point when he came to KKIM almost 6 years ago now. Thus the start of News with Frank Haley in the morning and NM News and Views in the afternoon and the Weekend Edition of NM News and Views. Dewey gives all Glory to God for what HE is doing through the ministry of KKIM/KARS, brining Pastors like Paul Holt, Mark Tross, Leonard Navarre, Jim Montoya and Larry Moss to add to the News Dept at KKIM/KARS. Dewey put's God first, his Godly wife Sharon and kids, and the Ministry in that order. He loves his doggies and his Minn Twins. If you would like Dewey to speak at your Church or event just email him. He loves to get out among God's people and share! For God's Glory alone!
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